Hex Sign Symbols and Their Meanings

The history of hex signs lies deep in their meanings. It wasn't too long ago that farmers and other dutch folks would place hex signs on barns, homes, and other buildings out of superstition. The signs were meant to protect (or place a "hex" on) the structures and things inside of them from evil and misfortune. From this tradition has grown a great heritage and beautiful folk art.
Symbol: Its Meaning:
Distelfink (Bird) Good Luck and Happiness
Dove Peace and Contentment
Eagle Good Health, Strength and Courage
Unicorn Virtue and Piety.  Belief in God
Heart Love and Kindness
Tulip Faith
Tulips (Trinity of Tulips) Faith, Hope and Charity
Star Good Luck
Four Pointed Star Bright Day
Triple Star Success, Wealth and Happiness
Raindrops Abundance, Fertility and Rain
Quarter Moons (4) Four Seasons of the Year
Rosette Good Luck.  Keep Away Bad Luck and Evil
Twelve Pointed Rosette A Joyous Month for each Month of the Year
Oak Leaf Strength
Maple Leaf Contentment
Circle Eternity or Infinity
Wavy Border (Ocean Waves) Smooth Sailing Through Life
Horse Head Within a Star Protect Animals from Disease and Building From Lightning